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We are a premium digital transformation software development firm that offers cutting-edge and valuable software solutions for our customers. Our desire is to see our enterprise clients scale complex hurdles that emerge in their digital evolution. Over the years, we have maintained our spot as the industry leader as a renowned software provider offering value-added solutions for various businesses in different industries.

As a reputable brand in the Information Technology world, we have the expertise, experience, technologies, tools and capacity to develop custom software that aligns with the needs and vision of our clients. We also follow trends of new technologies for successful delivery of sophisticated enterprise software solutions for our customers ranging from automation to API integration.


Web Design

Whether you are looking for a large scale enterprise website or mom-and-pop shop hoping to drive sales for your business, we have all the tools to make your presence felt. At Innovative Software Technologies, we possess sophisticated tools used by developers for the creation of complicated application screens with the use of several media such as bit-map, multiple fonts, online conferencing, animations, vector graphic files, audio, and video. Our expertise in the handling of tools for the development of websites such as AJAX, Microsoft Azure, Javascript, and Microsoft SQL server is never in doubt. Our team of specialists is proficient in the application of these tools above to create websites for the use of our customers. Most users prefer our websites as they are renowned for enhanced performance. They function better than conventional apps and deliver excellent results to the satisfaction of our customers. Our websites can also work offline without restrictions. Our customized websites offer our users with swift feedback, real-time confirmation of choices and actions, as well as accurate error messages.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are very important to customers that require instant access to their services online or offline. These applications strengthen customer engagement and accessibility because of constant interactions. These interactions eventually build trust, and the customer is more likely to listen to sales pitches and make a commitment to your brand. We build engaging eye-catching mobile applications that leave a lasting impression. We specialize in cross-platform development that allows your application to run on any device.

ERP System Development

The importance of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software cannot be overemphasized. It is an integral asset that assists the brand in the proper management of its resources. It is crucial as it plays a significant role in the integration of office business procedures and ensures the free flow of information within a company in a bid to make decisions. ERP is responsible for the gathering of relevant information from several arms of organizations and ensures proper organization for business activities. At Innovative Software Technologies, we are committed to providing brands with customized ERP software to attain a higher level of efficiency in their operations. Our dedication ensures each worker in the organization works with the same data and focus on the same key-performance pointers. We are renowned for the creation of several enterprise solutions for various organizations. We are committed to customer satisfaction, and our penchant for excellence has been our forte. We are confident of our ability to deliver customized enterprise resource planning software based on the requirements of our clientele. Our team of experts understands that ERP software development involves several factors, and these are the improvement of services and sales of goods and services. When you come to us, we take a holistic look at your need and discuss your needs. For instance, brands that are into sales of products require ERP to handle their supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution needs. In contrast, brands that focus on a service niche requires ERP software to offer support for their sales-operations, service-level agreements, and field services. These are the following benefits you enjoy when you use our ERP software at Innovative Software Technologies:

  Reduction of expenses of quality as it ensures your organization follows an effective QA and management system acceptable in your industry.

  Promotes communication among your team members and improve collaboration when they share data in real-time

  Enhanced productivity of your organization

  Optimized inventory management and improved customer support

CRM System Development

In this competitive business world, brands need to invest in customer relationship management solutions to increase their revenues and reorganize their procedures. With the support of our team at Innovative Software Technologies, your organization is assured of amazing customer experience as we design a personalized CRM solution that aligns with your brand’s vision and helps your brand to develop, enhance and retain your customers. It is not surprising that companies that do not prioritize CRM solutions also forfeit the opportunities to grow and retain customer relationships. There is a need to compete and improve customer relationships, and that is why we are designing a robust CRM solution for brands that want to increase their relationship with their customers. At Innovative Software Technologies, we offer a CRM solution that helps you automate marketing relationships, track business opportunities, collate customer information, provide business intelligence, and review data for the generation of reports for your business. Our team of specialists at Innovative Software Technologies understands that the development of a vigorous CRM solution is crucial to the success of your business and can play a significant role in its growth. We are committed to helping brands in collating the relevant data and motivates employees to utilize the customer relationship by providing them with important insights required for their business growth. At Innovative Software Technologies, we are ready to assist brands that want to increase their revenues and enhance their customer relationships. We desire to assist them with customized CRM software that will improve their efficiency, increase their returns on investment and profit margins, and ensure they retain the current customers and bring in new clients. We have a team of specialists that has an in-depth understanding of how to make the CRM system yield amazing results for your brand. A customized CRM solution is all your organization need to stay ahead of competitors in its niche, and we are confident of offering the solution.

Data Conversion

Data conversion is an essential step in the data integration procedure of any organization. Data conversion is important as it ensures that the data from source systems align with the brand’s vision for the facilitation of data loading. It is common knowledge that most organizations sometimes undergo restructuring as a result of mergers and acquisitions, system upgrades, and joint ventures. These changes create an atmosphere for the presence of redundant data, and this can be curbed with the use of data conversion tools provided by us at Innovative Software Technologies. Data conversion is an integral procedure that changes raw data into information required for the organization’s use. We understand that the process of data conversion can be a complicated experience, but our team is focused on helping you to retain the quality of your data without compromise. It entails the removal of data from a particular source like web service, file, database, and uploading it to the rightful location. Proper data conversion will enhance the image of your brand and improve your fortunes. Most organizations take critical decisions and maximize their revenue bases when they extract important insights from their data information. These are the advantages of using our services for your data conversion needs:

  With our data conversion service, it is easier for your organization to access and evaluate data that can be used to gather relevant information

  It reduces the occurrence of data disparity which usually happens when data is collated from various sources. Our team of specialists is willing to assist as we ensure a proper integration and analysis of data sets

COBOL Application Modernization

COBOL has been in existence for more than fifty years and remains a formidable force in the league of programming languages used for processing of most business transactions in the world. Over the years, COBOL applications have become a significant part of our lives as we use them when we make use of the automated teller machines, buy something online, make an insurance claim, purchase a flight ticket, etc. Without mincing words, COBOL applications are responsible for the processing of more than 90 percent of transactions across the globe. It is common knowledge that huge investments have been committed to the modernizing of the COBOL applications in the past five decades. However, application modernization entails the recycling of renowned software assets and enables brands to offer advanced enhancements with reduced expenses and risks. The COBOL application modernization procedure also enables users to modernize current business-critical COBOL applications to connect with mobile and cloud applications. At Innovative Software Technologies, we are proficient in the application of XML, Java, and JSON to deliver an amazing experience for our customers. We apply modernization technology and feasible application to ensure our clients excel in a highly competitive market as they undergo COBOL application modernization procedure. If your organization wants an application modernization upgrade, this is the best time to speak with our team as we possess the technology and expertise to ensure your brand thrive above its competitors.

Reporting Interface

Are you looking for a professional IT brand to handle your reporting interface? Innovative Software Technologies has got you covered. Our team knows how to handle the installation and application of required supporting software like a third-party reporting application and SQL database client to give you the best. We also understand the configuration of the Reporting Interface environment, which entails the installation of the Reporting Interface database schema and connecting your reporting tool with the SQL database. Our reporting interface service is available with dedicated tools to assist our clients in analyzing and exporting reports required for their day to day activities. When you approach us for your reporting interface service, you are assured that our package will add immense value to your web portal or application. It will also save your organization enormous time, capital, and effort as creating your BI capabilities can be time-consuming, arduous, and expensive. We take care of this package for you while you concentrate on your business activities. Using our reporting interface service will also ensure seamless integration and deployment of reporting in the cloud as well as on-premises without stress. It also ensures a smooth connection with certain data sources that enable end-users to create comprehensive reports that align with their business needs. It also helps you to gather data that assists your organization in making critical decisions.

Software Consulting

The application of technology helps brands to be more efficient and improves their operations. Technological advancements offer immense value and enhance internal work procedures and retain customers for businesses. At Innovative Software Technologies, we have a thorough understanding of the importance of using software for businesses. Our team of consultants takes time to understand your business model and suggest the best software solutions that align with your business goals and needs. We are proficient in offering critical consulting services, which include enhanced IT architecture, creation of integrations between current software solutions, and investment in new software solutions that will add immense value to your organization. At Innovative Software Technologies, our team of IT experts is ready to collaborate with you in the development and proper management of result-proven IT solutions for your business. We are renowned for delivering feasible software solutions to businesses in different industries in the public and private sectors. Our passion for delivering value-added software solutions aimed at improving efficiency and service remains undaunted. We are experts in the development of customized systems, integration of standard solutions, system management, and a new case management system.

Microsoft Office Custom Add-in Development

Innovative Software Technologies specialize in the creation of custom add-ins through the use of Microsoft Office. We are proficient in the delivery of customized solutions ranging from project architecture, research, and complete with amazing solutions for Microsoft Office Suite. If you need a reliable MS Office custom add-in provided by a professional IT brand, we can come to your rescue. When you engage our services at Innovative Software Technologies, you are assured of a beautiful experience as our custom development team comprises of innovative personnel who are committed to the success of your business. We are proficient in the writing of code lines for renowned Microsoft Office applications such as PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel. As a reputable brand in the software consulting industry, we have a team of developers with a genuine understanding of the Microsoft Office who can handle the procedure without stress.

Handheld Materials Management System

The importance of having an effective handheld material management system for your business cannot be ignored. If you want to manage your retail inventory, it is essential to have a competent brand like us fix your handheld material management system as it will save time and prevent errors. It is a common knowledge that the process of retail inventory takes time and can lead to avoidable errors when untrained personnel are used for the procedure. However, a handheld material management solution from us is the best solution that can help you maximize your workforce time as it makes the task of checking stock inventory in real-time easier. Our management system enables users to check stocked merchandise and offer them the right information about price and inventory. With our expertise, we can assist you with effective handheld material management system that will ensure a more effective maximization of your working hours, enhanced time-motion activities, and proper utilization of resources. These systems offers users access to comprehensive information like receipts processing, inventory availability and mobility. There are several benefits of using our handheld material management system, and these include reduction of waiting time for customers, increased productivity, automation of sales reporting and corporate inventory system.


Automation entails the deployment of technology and its application for the controlling and monitoring of products and services. Automation is gaining momentum in various industries such as information technology, operations, facilities, transport, manufacturing, defense, supply chain, etc. Automation plays a significant role in enhancing the productivity of an organization and also saves time and expenses. Due to its widespread acceptance by several businesses across the globe, the impact of automation is visible everywhere in all business spheres. At Innovative Software Technologies, we offer automation services for our teeming customers across the globe to ensure proper management of feasible processes to achieve results for digital operations. Our team of specialists is focused on delivering premium processes at lower costs with fewer risk occurrences with the application of process automation, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence. Our procedure is based on these four core process design steps which are:

  Assessment of the business process redesign and workflow

  Proper selection of automation strategies and review how they align with the setup of the enterprise

  Deployment of proofs of concept with the application of automation solutions related to their industry

  Integration of AI for autonomic processes and delivering business insights

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